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Sept 14th 2001
A Day Of Mourning.

Well, the world has entered a new era, and it's not a joyous transition.
Many people are better able to portray their horror at the events that occurred on September 11th 2001.
That act of terrorism was nothing short of a declaration of war, not only against the United States but against Freedom.
Yes, what happened was horrible, and justice will be meted out, but please remember that the atrocities were the act of Madmen, and don't blame people purely on the basis of their religion.
Freedom of Religion is one of the basic rights all man should be granted, let's not turn into the monster who did this by blaming the wrong people.

I won't say much, because while I am shocked and horrified, I was fortunate that this tragedy has not touched me directly.
But I do ask that every one, all over the world, do what they can to help the victims, and all their families and friends.
If you're in the States, and Canada, donate blood, this can not be said too often.
If you are elsewhere, you can donate money, or rally with others to support those who can help.
Encourage your governments to help where they can, whether it be fiscal support, political support or military support.
The world cannot allow this to go unanswered.

Please go to Things to See for a small tribute, the link was given on one of the lists I was on.

Anyway, I'm Axianna and this is my place to rant at the world.



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