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Most works on this page are written by me, Axianna, and belong to me, with the exception of stories done by other people, which belong to them.
All are original works, though many of them contain characters and situations that aren't.
Disclaimers can usually be found with the individual stories, but just in case, if you recognize them, they belong to someone else.
And in all cases, feedback is more than welcome.
Flames will be returned tenfold.
The newest stories will be at the end of each section.

If you want Printer friendly copies, e-mail me, and I'll send them in *.rtf format or *.txt if you prefer.



Fanfiction, the Serial Collection



The Charity Tales  
This is a series of short stories with an OFC in the X-Men universe.
If you watched a few of the animated series, or read a few of the comics in the 90's, you should know enough to get who everyone is.
Anyway, it was the first series I wrote and well...
 It's really good. It's incredible. 
In fact, I've been approached by marvel. Honest. Would I lie to you?
Don't answer that!!
More details inside. PG - R

Highlander  Pretender  The X-Files
When Conspiracies Collide  
Another series I did, of a rather ambitious nature.
It's a Highlander, Pretender, X-Files crossover with an original female character.
It's long and practically a novel in four parts. More details inside. PG-13 - R

Sentinel Babylon 5 Highlander
You Never Know Who You'll Meet Downbelow
We've got The Sentinel, Highlander and Babylon 5 coming together in a way even I don't know yet.
And not an original character in sight.
There not much here yet, but boy have I got some ideas. PG - PG-13.

Magnificent Seven
I just thought I'd peak into the future generation of the Magnificent Seven.
Not all the stories are directly related, but they all exist in the same diverging universe. PG - PG-13.

Sentinel Mag 7 ATF AU Pretender
Conmen, Pretenders and Guides, Oh My!
A little plot bunny, that's hopefully going to spawn other, nice, small, little plot bunnies. 
Not those giant, novel-sized plot bunnies that have been plaguing me of late. PG.

Mag 7 ATF AU  
Getting To Know You
By: Various

Somebody filled in one of those Getting to Know You questionnaires for the M7 guys, ATF AU and then left a challenge on the lists. 
Let's just say the challenge was well met. PG.



Fanfiction, On an Individual Basis



The New Messiah
A sappy little piece from Miss Parker's POV in the Pretender Universe.
One of my beta's thought it was just too sappy, even though it's only PG.
You have been warned.

The Choices We Make
Set ten years after the TSbyBS episode in The Sentinel realm.
Somebody comes around asking questions about Blair. PG

Contrary to Popular Belief
Another Sentinel fic in the same time frame as the Choices We Make, but it's not really related.
A cop explains things to a rookie. PG

Matrix  The X-Files
A short X-Files, Matrix crossover. PG

Mag 7 ATF AU
Mexican Sunscreen
By Luna Dey
I sent a picture to the BrigaDear list, and this was one of the responses :-)
Link goes off site. PG-13

Magnificent Seven   Highlander
My entry to the first every Magnificent Seven Lyric Wheel, the theme, crossovers. 
So I decided to go OW and transpose Joe, from Highlander, to the time period. PG-13

Magnificent Seven
 The Soft Rains of April
My obligatory, Ezra ran off or did he piece.
Angst all around, guilt fest galore.
 In Progress. PG-13

Magnificent Seven
Eyes That See, Ears that Hear  
Now Beta'd.
A Mag 7 piece that started out as a bit of writing exercise, and then ran away from me.
A young women is rescued by the seven. PG-13.

Mag 7 ATF AU
By Violette (Check out her Home Page)
A wonderful M7 ATFAU story I had the opportunity to Beta.
The boys celebrate the conclusion of a tough case, but something goes terribly wrong.
Link goes off site.  
It's along the lines of stories I'd classified as PG-13, but the author gave it an R

Coming sometime between now and eternity:

A Murder of Crows
An Angel, The Crow crossover that's started, but not even close to finished. 
I haven't even killed anyone yet.
I always thought Cordy would look good in black.



From My Demented Mind, the Originals



Mary, Mary
A seriously odd little piece, a take on a nursery rhyme. PG

Reunion, Part 1
A little piece I wrote for the heck of it about a woman's trip home from vacation.
It's not a happy, happy, joy, joy kinda piece.
If I get enough feedback on it, I might finish the second part.
Who am I kidding, any feedback on it would be nice. PG-13

Steel Glass Cages
A depressing little piece I wrote after being stuck in the office too long.
It's more of a free form poem than anything else.


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